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Come for the Gangsters, Stay for the Stories

Vegas, known for its casino’s, lavish hotels and over the top acts, was once a humble desert with nothing more than the hot sun to bask in. What started out as an undeveloped wasteland became a playground for organized corruption and depravity, and the American West has never been the same since.

Omni Limousine, a Las Vegas based limo service is the best way to not only get around a playground like Vegas, but to also arrive and be noticed. How else would a Mob Man travel.

Paying homage to its roots, the Mob Museum had its grand opening in Las Vegas on February 14, 2012, coinciding with the anniversary of the 1929 Valentine’s Day mob massacre that occurred in Chicago, 83 years earlier. Learn all about this historical event, among countless others, when you visit and have Omni Limousine take you there.

Take in nightly ‘after dark’ affairs with interactive shows and drinks with friends, then settle in for an elegant dinner, mob style. Special events are held throughout the summer; movie nights, Havana Night and a wedding or two make the Mob Museum a truly special locale.

Stop by the museum shop for books, shirts and all kinds of mob memorabilia, so you can take it with you. Discover the real life history of Al Capone and the mark he made on the gang life, which started in Brooklyn in 1913, miles away from Las Vegas when he was only fourteen years old. Also included in the storytelling are conceptual villains, like Walter White from the critically acclaimed television show Breaking Bad and his contribution to the crime syndicate.

The Mob Museum is located at 300 Stewart Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101 and is open 9am-9pm daily. Contact Omni Limousine at 702-462-6600 to make a reservation or make it yourself when visiting and enjoy the all the amenities this limo service has to offer.

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